is a new service that I’ve been using lately to consume the news. It’s a curated list of articles that is released every morning at 6pm. There are a lot services out there that do similar things, but here’s why I like Slow News:

  • It’s built on the open web with support for RSS.
  • It’s only released once a day. The goal is not to tailor the news to what you are interested in but to break the “breaking news” cycle and cut through white noise.
  • No social buttons or comment sections.
  • It is created by someone I know (of): Jacob Cook who created arkOS.

The service is free with no ads, which I have mixed feelings about. While I love being the customer instead of the product too many services take a turn for the worse when they are forced to monetize. I hope Jacob can find a sustainable model.

I have been trying to stop using Reddit, but its ability to bubble interesting news to your front page has kept me coming back. But since I added Slow News to my iPhone’s home screen I’ve been opening Reddit a lot less.